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Stranger the Movie LLC

This is a promotional trailer for the purpose of fundraising for a feature-length film. It is intended to show the quality and tone of what is to come.

Inspired by true events: My best friend rented a room in his home to someone he met on an app. The renter became unhinged and my friend had to evict him. My friend was worried that the renter would destroy his house while he was at work, I told him I would stay there so the guy would not be alone, thinking that would curtail his behavior. The guy attacked me. We were rolling around on the kitchen floor. I was grappling to get free. The next thing I knew I was somehow pinned against the sink where there were knives in front of me. I became very calm and said, you have to the count of three to get off me. On two he shoved me sideways and ran. I was lucky he did not grab a knife and stab me. I did not have any permanent damage from the struggle. However, that moment inspired a full-length script, entitled Stranger.

Unfortunately, experiences like these are becoming more common. According to the Pew Research Center, 41% of Americans have experienced some form of online harassment, including stalking. That is almost half of the country. We are using this thriller to raise awareness of the dangers that may lurk behind our phones across a variety of social apps. We will be asking for your donations soon.

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